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Challenge-based innovation is a carefully designed, four-stage process managed by Challenge-based Finance HUB:

•Ecosystem profiling: the client and other stakeholders identify the client Unique Service Proposition and map its Local Champions
•Challenge definition: the client and stakeholders engage the local ecosystem to identify the key Challenges they want to tackle
•Launch Challenges: communication activities, supported by a dedicated online platform, mobilise stakeholders around the Challenges
•Implement Challenges: start-ups, entrepreneurs and system integrators pitch their solutions to each Challenge. The best are selected for a tailored series of mentoring, training and support to help them meet the client Challenges.

The result: start-ups, entrepreneurs and system integrators with innovative products and services, each precisely designed to meet the needs of a Challenge Owner, who becomes their client. Challenge Owner meets the requests of financial organisations, funds, ESCO-s, EU and international donors, state subsidizing schemes in aim to use their sources for invest the Challenge project realisation.

Most clients – companies and organisations have similar problems. Apart from helping local entrepreneurs solve one of their client Challenges, each innovation programme accesses ADRIA network of clients and investors. Start-ups are promoted to clients with similar problems, and investors interested in their solutions, across Europe.


In short, everything you need to implement a challenge-based innovation programme in your region or city. There are several components:

•Your own website, at your address, with your design: you can use the system off-the-shelf, customise it yourself, or ask us to customise it for you
•Access an existing community: although you get your own website, it will be part of the larger Adria Finance HUB ecosystem, giving you access to its network of hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Challenge Owners, Mentors business angels, venture capitalists, crowdfunding experts and more
•Services: Adria Finance HUB can help you at every stage, from designing your programme through to mentoring your start-ups and managing the website.


Adria Finance HUB combines venture capital fund management, entrepreneurial training and innovation consultancy into an integrated Platform for transforming knowledge into entrepreneur-driven growth.
We developed the Finance Platform by adapting the originally US challenge-based innovation process to a European setting. We developed the Green-to-Energy model using the experiences from the cooperation with the EUREM network. The lessons learnt were then reflected into the Adriatic Finance HUB.

The platform projects development is supported by the Sustainable, Green & Smart (SGS), Smart Digitalization initiative, EUREM MK and Sustainable Energy & Infrastructure (SEI) Consortium.

Small Business Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia
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1000 Skopje

tel. +389 2 244 8077
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ПОВИК за изработка на апликации за финансирање реконструирање, реструктуирање и технолошки развој

Центарот за Финансирање и Менторска Поддршка, Twin Green & Digital програмата и Adria Finance HUB финансиската платформа на Комората на Мал бизнис за вашето претпријатие можат да изработат бизнис план за реконструирање и/или реструктуирање со подготовка на целосна документација за апликација за финансирање од Развојна Банка на РСМ, Фонд за Иновации и Технолошки Развој, програми за поддршка на Министерство за Економија и финансиски анализи за поддршка на тековните и нови профитабилни активности преку достапни финансиски инструменти и справување со вонредната економска ситуација.

Нашите тимови ја подготвуваат целосната документација за изработка на апликациите во краток рок.

Согласно програмските определби Стопанската комора на мал бизнис и Smart Digitalization Cluster во соработка со интернационалната финансиска групација Meta-Group им помага на регионалните јавни организации да дизајнираат, да ги подобрат и имплементираат програмите за поддршка за иновации, претприемништво и трансфер на технологија.